Volcanoes Maderas and Concepcion

Volcán Maderas

You see them as soon as you approach the dock in San Jorge: two towering volcanoes dominating the landscape of Ometepe, a large island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. The ferry ride across the lake provides breathtaking views of the two behemoths: at the still active 1600 meter Volcán Concepción rides high above its smaller dormant partner, Volcán Maderas, which itself boasts an altitude … Continue reading Volcán Maderas

Recipe: Roast Chicken

There are few things on this earth that are more comforting than Roast Chicken. For me, it brings back memories of Sunday dinners with the family, dinner parties with friends, and countless rotisserie chicken shops you seem to stumble upon in every city in the world. Everyone has their favorite way of roasting it: heavy on the seasoning, light on seasoning, dark in color, light … Continue reading Recipe: Roast Chicken